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Up to $8,000

Apply for an account that suits your needs and go in store to make your purchase.


Interest free

Easy interest free payments. No hidden fees or upfront payments.


Flexible Payments

Choose repayments that suit your lifestyle - weekly, fortnightly or monthly


Reusable Account

Use your account again and again, with one simple payment schedule for all your purchases.

How do Zip Pay repayments work?

We've made repayments simple and flexible. Here's how it all works:
How much is required?

We give you one account for all of your purchases, with only one repayment schedule to manage! 
The minimum monthly repayment is $40 (or less if your balance is less).

When is my payment due?
We'll send you a statement at the start of each month. This will provide a summary of any purchases you made during the month prior and how much you owe in total. You'll then have until the end of the month to pay off your balance in full so that the $6 account keeping fee is waved.

If you'd prefer to take extra time to pay off your balance, it's no problem - you'll just need to pay the monthly minimum of $40, and a $6 account fee will be added to your balance for the following month.

For example: If you make two purchases in January, you'll receive a statement on March 1st showing your closing balance for these two purchases. You'll then have until March 31st to pay this amount without being charged the $6 account fee.
The minimum required payment of $40, is required each month. If this amount is not paid within 21 days after the Due Date a $5 late fee will be added to the account.

How is the repayment made? 
This will automatically come from your linked debit card and run until your account balance is $0.

You can change your repayment schedule at any time - choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. You can also set your own payment amount, as long as you cover the monthly minimum of $40 (or less if the amount you owe is under $40).


You can make additional payments at any time, and there are no early repayment penalties. Just be aware that additional payments won’t stop or replace your scheduled payments unless you manually change your payment schedule.