Palo Santo + Quartz

Palo Santo + Quartz

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Palo Santo - Holy Wood

3 x Palo Santo Smudge Sticks with Clear Quartz  

Palo Santo is native to South America and used by Native Peoples for ceremonial purposes and healing. With a beautiful sweet and woodsy aroma, it can be used as you would a Smudge stick or incense.

It is a wonderful tool to use before going into Meditation helping to clear and raise your vibration but also helps to connect you to a higher power as well as mother earth. The mystic of this Holy Wood can be felt at first light, leaving you mentally and emotionally clear and calm.

To use: 

Hold the Palo Santo stick on a 45-degree angle down towards the flame of either a match, lighter or candle. Ignite and allow to burn for 30 secs. Blow out any flame and allow to smolder.

Work your way around the room from the ground upwards. When cleansing yourself, begin at the heart centre and fan smoke up towards and over the head and down towards the ground

You can also use Palo Santo to cleanse crystals, oracle card decks, pendulums, or any other magical or sacred objects.

Be aware that, unlike standard incense, Palo Santo may relight itself several times while you use it, or you may have to hold it in the flame for quite a while before it lights at all.

Palo Santo can be reused. To extinguish place into dry sand or heat proof bowl.