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Apophyllite V

Apophyllite V

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Approx: 60 x 45mm | 74g

"the Spiritual Advisor'

Apophyllite like Amethyst  especially as a cluster, draws negativity from other crystals used in healing or around the home or office.  

As you hold an Apophyllite crystal cluster, notice that your breath begins to flow more fluidly. This crystal takes you out of the chaos of your thoughts. Connected with the crown chakra, it is said to have the ability to purify the mind. Used in meditation, Apophyllite can assist in the release of toxic overthinking, anxiety and past pain. Allow it to bring the joy back into your life.

Keep an Apophyllite cluster near the center of the room where you relax as it will automatically cleanse the whole space. 

Pass incense smoke over the crystal monthly to keep it clear.