Apophyllite + Stilbite Mini I

Apophyllite + Stilbite Mini I

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Apophyllite like Amethyst  especially as a cluster, draws negativity from other crystals used in healing or around the home or office.  

Stilbite is often found joined to Apophyllite crystals. When it is teamed up with other crystals it amplifies their energies and is itself increased in healing powers. 

When negative feelings begin to melt away, it re-balances the aura for an overall feeling of well-being. These stones also have powerful clearing and cleansing properties, which give it the ability to amplify the energy of a space or other crystals placed near it. A stone of healing light and pure, natural joy, the apophyllite crystal reminds us of our inner child, bringing us back to happiness and lightness of being.

Keep an Apophyllite cluster near the center of the room where you relax as it will automatically cleanse the whole space. 

Pass incense smoke over the crystal monthly to keep it clear. 

83 g | 55 x 55 mm