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Beginners Crystal Kit

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 Kit includes 4 Crystals and Cotton Pouch and Info Cards 

Amethyst: Meditation
Amethyst is an excellent aid to meditation, because it turns your thoughts away from the mundane and towards tranquility. 
50 x 35mm

Clear Quartz: Safe, Sacred space 
A master healer, quartz is the most abundant crystal on the planet and was traditionally regarded as a medicine stone of great power throughout the ancient and not so-ancient worlds.
45 x 35mm

Pink Quartz:Giving, Friends & Family, Heart Chakra 
The best sleep crystal for adults and children: prevents nightmares, night terrors and will bring beautiful dreams. It helps children not to be afraid of the dark.
55 x 22mm

Lepidolite: Soothing, Wisdom, Crown Chakra
overcomes fears that restrict us from doing what we really want. Each Lepidolite crystal is, according to tradition, beloved to have a keeper who offers protection of the owner of the stone.

Place near electrical equipment around the office or loud equipment to clear electromagnetic energy.

Lepidolite has soft nurturing energies that connect us to our inner being and helps us love ourselves.
20 x 25 mm